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Nom Titre Editeur Année Vol. Auteur Année
Ben-Zaken, Avnet Cross-Cultural Scientific Exchanges in the Eastern Mediterranean, 1560-1660 Johns Hopkins University Press 2010 10 Lejbowicz, Max & Brentjes, Sonja 2013
Netz, Reviel (éd.) & Noel, William & Tchernetska, Natalie & Wilson, Nigel The Archimedes Paslimpsest (2 vols) Cambridge University Press 2011 10 Acerbi, Fabio 2013
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Hannam, James The Genesis of Science: How the Christian Middle Ages Launched the Scientific Revolution Regnery Publishing 2011 10 Davis, David J. 2013
Joseph, George Gheverghese A Passage to Infinity: Medieval Indian Mathematics from Kerala and Its Impact SAGE Publications 2009 10 Plofker, Kim 2013
Geller, Marham J. Ancient Babylonian Medicine: Theory and Practice Wiley-Blackwell 2012 10 Steele, John M. 2013
Rubino, Elisa Aristoteles, Meteorologica: Liber quartus. Translatio Henrici Aristippi Brepols 2010 10 Pepe, Lucio 2013
Manetti, Daniela Anonymus Londiniensis. De medicina de Gruyter 2011 10 Ricciardetto, Antonio 2013
Montelle, Clemency Chasing Shadows: Mathematics, Astronomy, and the Early History of Eclipse Reckoning Johns Hopkins University 2011 10 Van Brummelen, Glen 2013
Ptolémée & Tihon, Anne (éd.) Les «Tables Faciles» de Ptolémée. 1a. Tables A1-A2. Introduction, édition critique Publications de l'Institut Orientaliste de Louvain 2011 10 Chabas, José 2013
Ptolémée & Mercier, Raymond (éd.) Ptolemy's Handy ables: Ab. Tables A1-A2. Publications de l'Institut Orientaliste d Louvain 2011 10 Chabas, José 2013
Crouzet, Denis Nostradamus, une médecine des âmes à la Renaissance Payot 2011 10 Guinard, Patrice 2013
al-Hassani, Salim T.S. 1001 Inventions: The Enduring Legacy of Muslim Civilization National Geographic Society 2012 10 Brentjes, Sonja 2013
Wear, Sarah Klitenic The Teachings of Syrianus on Plato's Timaeus and Parmenides Brill 2011 10 Baltzly, Dirk 2013
Falcon, Andrea Aristotelianism in the First Century BCE: Xenarchus of Seleucia Cambridge University Press 2012 10 Berryman, Sylvia 2013
Wolkenhauer, anja Sonne und Mond, Kalender und Uhr. Studien zur Darstellung und poetischen Reflexion der Zeitordnung in der römischen Literatur De Gruyter 2011 9 Schaldach, Karlheinz 2013
Adamson, Petter Al-Kindi Oxford University Press 2007 9 Cerami, Cristina 2013
Goddu, André Copernicus and the Aristotelian Tradition: Education, Reading and Philosophy in Copernicus's Path to Heliocentrism Brill 2010 9 Barker, Peter & Vesel, Matjaz 2013
Creese, David The Monochord in Ancient Greek Harmonic Science Cambridge University Press 2010 9 Hagel, Stefan 2013
Eamon, William The Professors of Secrets: Mystery, Medicine, and Alchemy in Renaissance Italy National Geographic 2010 9 Kavey, Allison 2013
Haas, Frans A. J. de & Leunissen, Mariska & Martijn, Marije Interpreting Aristotle's Posterior Analytics in Late Antiquity and Beyond Brill 2010 9 Ebbesen, Sten 2013
Clucas, Stephen Magic, Memory and Natural Philosophy in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries Ashgate 2011 9 Gatti, Hilary 2013
Canales, Jimena A Tenth of a Second: A History University of Chicago Press 2011 9 Stadler, Max 2013
McGrath, Alister, E. Darwinism and the Divine: Evolutionary Thought and Natural Theology Wiley-Blackwell 2011 9 Huang, Lily 2013
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Cooper, Glen M. Galen, De diebus decretoriis, from Greek into Arabic: A Critical Edition, with Translation and Commentary, of Hunayn ibn Ishaq, Kitab Ayyam al-Buhran. Medicine in the Medieval Mediterranean Ashgate 2011 9 Langermann, Y. Tzvi 2013
Apollonius de Perge & Rashed, Roshdi (éd., trad.) Livres VI et VII. Commentaire historique et mathématique, édition et traduction du texte arabe Walter de Gruyter 2009 9 Brigaglia, Aldo 2013
Clayton, Martin (éd.) & Philo, Ron Catalogue of the Exhibition 'Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomist' Royal Collection Publication 2012 9 Hodson, N.D. 2013
Tsayger, Mark A. Arithmetic in Sixteenth-Century Muscovy Berill 2010 9 Simonov, Rem Aleksandrovich 2013
Fleming, Dougal (éd.) The Invention of Discovery, 1500-1700 Ashgate 2011 9 Roberts, Sean 2013
Bonazzi, Mauro (éd) Pierluigi Donini: Commentary and Tradition. Aristotelianism, Platonism, and Post-Hellenistic Philosophy De Gruyter 2011 9 Boys-Stones, George 2013
Goulding, Robert Defending Hypatia: Ramus, Savile, and the Renaissance Discovery of Mathematical History Springer 2010 9 Heeffer, Albrecht 2013
Holmes, Brooke The Symptom and the Subject: The Emergence of the Physical Body in Ancient Greece Princeton University 2010 9 Prince, Susan H. 2013
Akbari, Suzanne Conklin Idols in the East: European Representations of Islam and the Orient, 1100-1450 Cornell University Press 2009 9 Burnett, Charles 2013
Hagel, Stefan Ancient Greek Music: A Technical History Cambridge University Press 2010 9 Laywine, Alison 2012
O'Keefe, Tim Epicureanism University of California Press 2010 9 Johnson, Monte Ransome 2012
Imhausen, Annette & Pommerening, Tanja Writings of Early Scholars in the Ancient Near East, Egypt, Rome, and Greece: Translating Ancient Scientific Texts De Gruyter 2010 9 Asper, Markus 2012
Smith, Justin E.H. Divine Machines: Leibniz and the Sciences of Life Princeton University Press 2011 9 Schweitz, Lea F. 2012
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